Gaga Photos has helped capture precious first moments with newborn babies since 2009. Gaga connects hospitals and families with professional newborn photographers. At our partner hospitals, photographers take photos right in the comfort of the family’s room on the maternity floor. Gaga also offers an in-home service where a photographer will visit your home or a preferred location to capture incredible, unique moments. Our goal is to create photos that families cherish, share with family and friends and, ultimately, hang on a wall.

The birth of a new baby is one of the most precious, beautiful moments. If there were ever an occasion for professional photography – it would be those first few days with a newborn baby. Those moments cannot be relived. Your photos transport you back to a time where you can almost smell the fresh scent of a newborn after a bath or feel the softness of newborn skin. That is why Gaga Photos was born. We capture those memories that will help you tell your baby’s story.